Flight for Life

May - August 2014 -

The concept behind the “Flight for Life” is an around the world trip in a private airplane with the hope of bringing awareness to St Jude Children’s Hospital and raise money to support the services they provide to children around the world. It is our intent to involve the MRINetwork family of offices, our vendor affiliates and friends of the Network to gain sponsorships or to have fundraisers in various parts of the world as we fly through their areas. The plane will be outfitted with logos from St. Jude's, MRINetwork, the Charitable Foundation and “Flight for Life.”

Our hope is that as we pass near your area we could stop and share our story with your team / organization; take a photo of your team beside the plane and crew and hopefully have some media coverage while doing so.
We  would alter our route to accommodate our supporters.

 Since 1934 only 120 people in this class of aircraft known as “light aircraft” (under 5000 lbs) have made this trip. None have made it specifically as a fundraiser to help children.

The trip will be completed in five legs of about 5000 miles each and the direction of travel will be from east to west. The planned departure of this trip will be May, 2014 with the completion to be in the middle of August.

The flight crew consists of 6 men and one woman who will fly various legs of the journey supported by ground staff at various locations. The crew is as follows:

Mike Geissler                     Pilot                           Bahama NC

Robert Bradley                  Co-Pilot                    Durham NC

Angela Bradley                  Crew                          Durham NC

Charles Sparacino             Logistics                   Durham NC

Patrick Murray                   Flight Engineer      Durham NC

Albert Mealer                     Crew                          Hillsboro NC

Santosh Noronha               Crew                          Mebane NC

A ground support team will consist of members of the MRINetwork Charitable Foundation, franchise owners and friends of the crew.

The crew will fly in Mr. Geissler Piper Aztec (PA23), tail number N773 PT which is a twin engine 6 passenger airplane powered by two 250 HP Lycoming engines. The challenge will be flying this plane over miles of ocean water and rugged terrain all while navigating a course that will not exceed the capabilities of the aircraft and avoid extreme weather conditions. The flight can be tracked live by logging onto www.flightaware.com and entering the tail number of the plane into the link designated for tracking of aircraft.

Fund Raising Ideas

We propose several ways to participate listed below but we encourage anyone or any office to come up with unique ideas for fundraising while we are in flight. Here are some of our thoughts:

1. Gain Pledges for number of miles flown in terms of any denomination

2. Sell segments of the flight to those who might want to fly along on a segment

3. Develop a series of fundraising events along the way with corporate partners or organizations.

4. Sell corporate sponsorships for each segment of the flight.

5. We are open to any potential fundraising idea that can be easily managed by the crew or the Foundation and our affiliates.

We intend to use the website and PayPal account of the MRINetwork Charitable Foundation for pledges and donations (www.mricharitablefoundation.com). A full accounting of the origination of these funds will be kept and separate from other fundraising activities.  These funds will be collected and rolled up into our annual donation amount and presented at our annual Global Conference. An important note however is the trip will be totally financed by the crew  and 100% of the funds collected will go to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

If you have questions, please call Bob Bradley at 919-572-9580 or 919-451-8598 or email Bob at rsb@photonicsgrp.com

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