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KARAOKE FOR A CAUSE 2022 – Raised over $20,000!

WHEN?…November 7th-21st

OUR GOAL IS TO RAISE $15,000…Will you help us get there?

WHAT IS IT?…So glad you asked! Well, if you donate $100, you can request ANY song for our very own Krista Whiting to sing, and it will be posted here and on LinkedIn! All proceeds go to Shriners Hospitals for Children.

Click here to donate –

NEW THIS YEAR: Now with MightyCause, ANYONE can do their own song to raise money for the patients at Shriners so JOIN IN AND SING!

KARAOKE FOR A CAUSE has been one of the foundation’s TOP fundraisers and continues to just get bigger. Krista started Karaoke for a Cause in 2017 because she wanted to think of a fun way to raise money for a good cause. Luckily she has little shame and she loves to sing, so she thought, “Why not have people ask me to do mediocre karaoke for them?” Then, an event was born!

The first year, she barely raised $250 dollars. The next $400, then it leaped to $6,000, and last year it SKYROCKETED and this event raised $11,000!! The best part, a Shriner’s Patient sang for us: