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SEND OUTS FOR THE KIDS – over $11k raised

With over 834 TOTAL SEND OUTS, over $11,000 was raised!

Here are your winners…

  • Top 3 Offices with the Most Send Outs:
    1. Govig & Associates
    2. Miller Resource Group
    3. Angott Search Group
  • Top 3 Offices with the Best Per Desk Average:
    1. Polikov Recruitment Solutions
    2. Parkwood International
    3. Govig & Assoc
  • Solo AE/PC with the Most Send Outs:
    1. Denise Chludzinski
    2. Vanica Salvacruz
    3. Krista Whiting

Hey MRI, who wants to drive business for their office and help the kids at Shriners at the same time? Well, now you can… We are bringing back Send Outs For The Kids 2021!!!

For every Send Out an Office, Account Executive or Project Coordinator within the MRINetwork gets, you pledge a certain amount to donate to Shriners Hospitals for Children from May 17th-28th.

Compete to be recognized as the leader in one (or ALL) of these three categories:

  • Office with the Most Send Outs
  • Office with the Best Per Desk Average
  • Best Solo Account Executive

Not only will you win bragging rights, the top offices will win a custom engraved “Greatest of All Time Send Outs Champion” trophy! The top Solo AE or PC will win a custom shirt from the MRINetwork Charitable Foundation!

Tracking is even easier! Every Monday and Wednesday during the event, just track your SOs here:

There will be CONSTANT updates of who’s in the lead…so get ready to compete in the Olympics of Productivity for the MRINetwork. We know that a Send Out today could be tomorrow’s placement!